We launched our interview series in the fall of 2016 to bring viewers inside the world of the San Francisco real estate industry. 

The goals were simple —

  1. To help educate our audience at scale
  2. Bring transparency to what is often times a hectic, high-pressure scenario for both buyers and sellers
  3. To share with you what I’ve learned by having conversations with some really interesting guests from throughout the real estate world

Whether you’re buying, selling, or investing in a home, these interviews are for you.

We hope you enjoy the content - and please let us know if there's a topic you're interested in learning more about.

Bob Emmett, Property Inspector

Bob Emmett (http://pcainspect.com/) joins us to talk about his role as a property inspector, how he got into the business, and some practical tips for both home buyers and sellers.

Recorded February 9, 2017.

Larry Sweeny, Founder

Larry Sweeney (www.handymanhero.es) joins us to talk about the origin of his business, what types of projects his team handles, and recommends the "smart" way to hire a handyman.

Recorded January 23, 2017.

David Kupferman, CPA

CPA David Kupferman (www.sfcpa.com) joins us to talk about tax strategies for individuals and businesses. We also covered the economic climate — both micro and macro. 

Recorded December 8, 2016.

Chris Churchill, Financial Services Professional

Financial services professional Chris Churchill joined us to talk about saving for a down payment, affordability, and more.

He also covered a "revenue neutral" model for finding additional ways to save money each month.

Recorded November 28, 2016.

Christopher Caproni, Loan Advisor

Christopher Caproni of RPM Mortgage joined us to discuss how borrowers can compete with cash offers, putting together a down payment, and more.

He also covered an interesting program to help buyers gain leverage with their down payment.

Recorded November 3, 2016.

Ed Diaz, Senior Loan Officer

Ed Diaz of Movement Mortgage joined us to cover two topics

  1. Thinking through the rent vs buy scenarios
  2. Post-election economic predictions

Recorded October 24, 2016.

Alexander Fromm Lurie, Residential Luxury Specialist

Alexander Fromm Lurie of The Lurie Group joined us to discuss how to win in SF's hyper competitive market. Topics include -- how to identify a great agent, opportunities in this market for both Buyers and Sellers, and much more.

Recorded October 6, 2016.

Ed Diaz, Senior Loan Officer

Lender Ed Diaz, of Movement Mortgage, joined us on our inaugural video interview session. Ed covered several lending myths, including how to best position yourself to buy a home.

Recorded September 26, 2016.